Everyone is different from one another, and the interests of people vary from person to person. Similarly, according to their interest, their needs also differ. To meet the needs of people, there are different designs of awnings or tarpals so that the customer will choose them according to their interests and needs. Following are the different designs of tarpals that you can choose for your houses.

Portable Tarpals

These tarps are lightweight and can take these shades from one place to another place easily. These tarpals act as an umbrella to protect you from sun rays or rain. These awnings or tarpals can also be used to provide sitting to temporary camps for the public.

Manual Tarpals

The manual tarpals are an adjustable extension that you can adjust your tarpal according to your need. Commonly these tarpals can be adjusted from 0o to 90o from left to right or right to left, its direction depends upon your fitting. You need a rod to adjust it or rotate the rod (already fixed in the fitting of tarpals). These are the two different options that you can choose according to your need. 

Automatic Tarpals

Technology reduces human work and makes it easier for the human body. For this purpose, different motors are used for its adjusting. There are also two options in its controlling one’s remote control, another is controlling them through the button. This is also an advancement in the tarpal industry. 

Fixed Tarpals

As you have understood from its name, these tarpals are fixed. Once tarpal is installed, you cannot move it again. It is fixed to your wall with the help of nuts. There are also two options one tarpal is flexible, made up of fiber materials, and the other is hard and strict made up of fiberglass with water resistance quality. 

Retractable Tarpals

With advanced technology, these are the adjustable tarpals or awnings and act as blinds in a vertical manner. So these can be folded and provide you a shade when you want. There is only one option that you can choose is shade or no shade, you cannot adjust it according to your desire. There are options of sensors in it which are optional that will give shade or not according to the weather changes.

Color Combinations for Tarpals

There are three commonly used colors for tarpals: dark blue, orange, and dark green. These three colors are designed differently according to the needs of the people or scenario. But it is different in the option of fiberglass. There are many different designs available at our showroom. You can choose tarpal it according to your desire.


There are different designs and styles of tarpals or awning, you can choose it according to desire and need. It will provide a shelter for sitting and give you many other benefits.