Robust and heat resistant sun shades

We provide a variety of sun shades that are different in size and able to cater to various heat protection purposes.

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There is a number of benefits associated with attaching the sun shades to your doors, windows, and parking.
Sun shade provides your house with excessive heat.
These shades are also helpful in protecting your home from direct sun rays
These shades are also waterproof; that’s the reason these are long-lasting.
Best sun shades that provide complete protection from sunlight.

We are one of the leading sun shade-providing companies in Pakistan.

We deliberately said that Pakistan Tarpal is providing high-quality sun shades in various areas of Pakistan.

Waterproof sun shades

We offer high-quality waterproof sun shades that would not get damaged and last for several years.

Heat resistant sun shades

Sun shades that we provide are basically heat resistant it means these sun shades not only provide shade but also resist the heat of sun rays.

Plastic sun shades

If you need sun shades in plastic and PVC material, then we have a collection of PVC sun shades.

Folding sides sun shades

To make the outlook of the sun shades more attractive, you are required to use folding sides sun shades.

Roller sun shades

Roller sun shades are magnificent sun shades mostly used indoors. These sun shades can easily have rolled, and you can use them according to your need.

Fabric sun shades

Like the PVC sun shades, the fabric sun shades are also available that are robust and provide heat protection as well.
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Our mission is to make all of our clients satisfied that’s the reason we introduce all advance and traditional tarpal products. So our clients can get the best and affordable services.

Our vision is to make the Pakistan Tarpal one of the succeeding online brands that would serve millions of customers with its auspicious products and installation services.

We never compromise with the quality of services as well as products that are the reason we build a team of expert and skilled professionals.

Our extensive resume is comprised of over 3,500 projects completed

Our diverse project list includes engineering buildings and manufacturing structures

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